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radio frequency ablation sciatica

Are you suffering from facet joint pain? Try to answer the following questions. Are you suffering from back pain or neck pain that does not go to the fingers or toes? Does your neck or back pain moves to the shoulder or buttocks? Does your pain increase with movement back and turning around? If your answer is yes for all questions, you are probably suffering from facet joint pain.

Facet joint disease is one of the main reasons for spinal pain (neck pain, back pain, lower back pain). Survey shows that facet joint pain is responsible for 15-45% of low back pain, 42-48% of back pain, 54-68% of neck pain in the general population.

In most cases this problem can not be correctly diagnosed by inconsistent results of imaging techniques. Only when the problem gets worse facet joint arthropathy can be seen in X-ray CT and MRI. Once again, the facet joint arthropathy in these pictures does not mean that they are responsible for pain.

The gold standard in diagnosing of facet joint pain is the facet joint block diagnosis. It is very simple, local anesthetic is injected into the facet joint or nerve supplying the joint. If the pain is relieved, then you are suffering from pain in the facet joints.

Now you are diagnosed as suffering of facet joint pain. Question is, how to solve this problem? There are two main processes for resolving this problem. First, we give and local anesthetic injection Depo-steroids in the facet joint. In the second process Medial branch nerve that supplies the facet joint block or ablation.

In the first trial of its pain is relieved, but you can not get a long-term relief. The second is more effective than the first. Here Radio Frequency Generator is used either to ablate the nerve with a conventional radio frequency, or the pain signal is blocked radio frequency pulse with no damage nerve.


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