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lower back pain shooting into legs

lower back pain shooting into legs
throbbing nerve, muscle pain, lower back and shoot the thighs and torso at the top?

is a sharp stabbing pain that stems from my lower back just above off my ass and starts pounding then shoots down my butt and thighs. then start shooting in the buttocks and thigh wrapped all around my upper body making it difficult to breathe. it just feels a little better when I hold my breath, but when i breathe its wounds ten times more. its unbearable pain I stayed until the evening of 5 even take two Benadryl and a advils. finally, after about 6 hours of pain, it vanished in the course of ten minutes approaches. i cannot stand because the pain shoots into the thigh and down my legs making it difficult for me to be more than 5 minutes. i cannot lay or sit, because the pain going on my chest and I can not breathe i. its happened to me for years and every time I go to doctors who do an x-ray, but they say I'm perfectly fine. making sound like I have? Doctors think that I exaggerated, but i can cope with it anymore. i cannot sleep, cannot even move. its horrible.

Sounds like you have something called Sciatica, please read the information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sciatica that contains a list of people who may be able to help however I personally recommend you see a chiropractor because they are best placed to help.

Pilates Reformer – Transferring the Spring into the Sacrum and the Spine

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