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lower back pain quick fix

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lower back pain quick fix
Painful back pain, chiropractor or doctor?

I am a 25 year old male who makes a lot of hard work in my work. Ive been having lower back pain a little pain and I can not take much more of that pain .. Ive been told some to go see a chiropractor and ive been told others see a doctor because chiropractors only offer quick fixes and procedures or may be left with more pain .. Please help provide a vision! "Thank you

The medical specialty is physical medicine (ALOS known as sports medicine). These are the doctors and treat pain conditions like yours diagnose and treated with physical therapy and other non-surgical techniques. The doctor will examine you, probably most likely take x-rays and prescribe physical therapy, which is the most conservative way to start. If no improvement, the doctor may have you take an MRI to observe the soft tissue (x-rays, they do not) to determine which other treatments can help. Surgery should be the very last resort. Good luck. These doctors have helped me with severe back pain low.

Low Back Pain Relief & Hip Opener Quick Yoga

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