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lower back pain fever chills

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lower back pain fever chills
Has anyone been diagnosed with ovarian cancer? What are the symptoms?

I've had lower back pain for over three weeks, nausea, constipation and diahrea, terrible swelling, tenderness. Today I have a fever, chills … general feeling terrible. Anyone with any advice would be appreciated. And if you can tell me what tests were performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer are nonspecific and similar to those of many other common conditions, including digestive and bladder. It is not unusual for a woman with ovarian cancer to be diagnosed with another condition before finally learning she has cancer. The key seems to be persistent or worsening signs and symptoms. With most digestive disorders, Symptoms tend to appear and disappear, or that occur in certain situations or after eating certain foods. With ovarian cancer, there is no fluctuation usually little – symptoms are constant and gradually worsen. Recent studies have shown that women are other women with ovarian cancer are more likely to constantly experience the following symptoms: abdominal pressure, fullness, swelling or inflammation Urinary urgency Pelvic discomfort or pain Additional signs and symptoms that women with ovarian cancer may experience include: persistent indigestion, gas or nausea unexplained changes in bowel habits such as diarrhea or constipation Changes in bladder habits, including frequent urination Loss of appetite Unexplained weight gain or increased abdominal girth or clothes adjusted tighter around the waist of your pain during intercourse (dyspareunia), lack of energy, persistent low back pain usually can diagnose medical ovarian cancer in women three months of noticing the first symptoms, but sometimes it can take six months or more before a diagnosis can be made. This link explains the tests to show if you have ovarian cancer http://www.cancerfacts.com/GeneralContent/Ovarian/Gen_Symptoms.asp?CB=9 I hope this helps to answer the question and good luck:) xoxo

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