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lower back pain above buttocks

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lower back pain above buttocks

Pain is felt in the lower back region, next to the left or right, can have several causes. Just because you sit on the side does not indicate that a diagnosis can be given for that one.

Normally, if you feel back pain aside, sit around or just above the crest of the pelvis. Although also can refer to a small gluteal region.

Two typical causes of this disc are a lump (herniated disc, slipped disc, etc.) or pain facet joints, two of them should be treated differently.

Facet joint pain.

Each vertebra articulates with the vertebrae above and below through the joints. These are placed on both sides of the vertebrae and therefore the pain tends to be perceived in the side of the facet joint is responsible.

Disc Bulge.

When you submit a bulging disc, the protruding disc backwards but tends to one side. This is because it is on the disk where they are weakest and most vulnerable. Consequently, the pain typically be felt in the side that the disc has "bloated" to.

Regardless of the cause of your pain if there is a lot of inflammation present, pain can be felt all over the back. However, often tend to be more intense on one side in relation to the other.

If the pain is very sore, then a short course of anti-inflammatories may be indicated, only to try and sort things out a bit. Remember, however, it is important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure it's okay for you to take these.

When the pain starts to settle, they then have to be more active. By this I mean in general, assets, such as getting up and walking around, and a program of specific exercises.

Specific exercises can need to conduct depend on the cause of your pain:

If this is a facet joint problem, you need a program based on the bending over exercise to begin. For example, this may simply lie on your back with knees bent and gently 'flattening' lower back on the floor.

If it is a bulging disc that is causing your pain, otherwise it would Indeed, in a further extension based exercise program would be necessary. A good exercise to start with, here, would lie on his stomach and small frequently during the day. You may be better to place a pillow or two under your stomach if your back is still very sensitive.

Obviously, there are other causes potential of the pain it is experiencing now, but the other two are very common.

Whatever the cause, it is important that you find it, and that this will enable you to address your problem correctly and therefore not only address the pain but also minimizing the risk of future episodes.

Paul Boxcer – Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapist, has over 10 years experience of treating people in pain. During this time and especially over the last few years, he has concentrated his treatment on those suffering with Low Back Pain & Sciatica.

Following years of analysis of different treatment procedures (http://expertbackcare.com/LBP.html) his belief is that our own body has an innate desire to heal itself, no matter what the injury. When someone suffers from Low Back Pain it is no different.

By ensuring the body is given the correct conditions to heal itself, conditions such as Low Back Pain can be resolved just as easily as a twisted ankle or pulled muscle…

Knowing what to and not to do, is the crucial element.

His book “Free Yourself of Back Pain & Sciatica” not only explains everything you need to know in order to allow the body to heal itself, but also ensures the risk of subsequent episodes is kept to an absolute minimum. Subscribe NOW to his FREE 5 Day Course on how to treat your Low Back Pain and begin curing your pain STRAIGHT AWAY!

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