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can lower back pain cause dizziness

can lower back pain cause dizziness
Dizziness, swelling, leg cramps, back pain?

Lately I've felt very strange. Every night I have horrible leg cramps (though I take potassium), and all during the day I'm so dizzy I can hardly stand up straight. During the day, my fingers are swollen and painful, sometimes the pain is mild, or it may be much worse. My lower back is so severe that also can not relax back when I sleep, or when I encounter. Low back pain began about months with finger swelling, but the dizziness and cramps are new this week. Just to rule it out, I took a pregnancy test which proved negative. I do not have insurance and I like to avoid the doctor, but the dizziness and back pain are really affecting my life. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this??? Thanks! Just in case age, I'm 21.

My God, you could be having so much going on. Arthritis = Pain, swelling and fingers back infection ear, dizziness, anemia, low blood pressure, low blood sugar = dizziness (and lots of other things) low potassium, anemia Leg Cramps = You should see a doctor! There are so many things you could have. You'd better review. I hope you feel better!

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