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can back pain cause headaches

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can back pain cause headaches

Is there any way to get rid of headaches and migraines naturally or are we doomed to take pain medication forever?

While no doubt that the painkillers can seem very useful in treating migraines and other headaches, have a serious drawback. All medicines have side effects, and some are dangerous.

We see more drug ads than anything else because the big pharmaceutical (drug) companies can do a lot money to "educate" us. It would be pointless for them to educate us about the natural products or methods of pain relief. There is not much profit in natural health products. And if we all got better, would make no money at all.

Most if not all, research on the relief Pain is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, simply because they have much to gain financially. Could it be that not even want us either. Who going to buy your products?

In any case, treat the symptoms of drugs.

Symptoms such as headaches or back pain, occur reasons. We pain unless there is a cause.

The cause could be something that we eat, how they sit or sleep, the way we talk by phone, the medicines we take, the length of the leg bones. There are many "triggers" (reasons or causes) for migraines and headaches.

Our job is to find out the cause of our pain.

When we know what causes the symptoms, we can take action. If we do not act, nothing will change. Taking control of our own health, and diagnosis of our situation correctly, we can be without pain.

Now, please do not misunderstand me. I am grateful that we have options that often include medicine. Sometimes a drug is really a life saver. And sometimes has the opposite effect.

If you want get rid of your headaches or migraines, naturally, here are some questions to answer to begin thinking about the causes.

  • When does your headache? Do you awake at night (could be your pillow or the way you sleep.)
  • Does your headache comes in 1 / 2 hours after getting out of bed? What next? Do you smoke?
  • Some of the foods or food additives cause headaches or migraines and usually appear within a short time after eating. Have you noticed headaches after eating?
  • Where does your head hurt? The sides? The back of his skull? Around your eyes?
  • Is your headache on one side? Is it always the same side?

The answer to these questions, and pay attention to where, when and how often does your pain will help you find the causes of their pain. And did you realize that the latter two issues are related to muscles and posture? His posture and muscle are two major causes of headache, and non-prescription or surgery to treat.

When you know the cause of your headache or migraine, you can take steps to eliminate naturally. Take away the things that trigger headache, can be free of pain.

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Join me, Kathryn Merrow, The Pain Relief Coach, on your road back to a pain-free life.

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