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back pain dark stool

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back pain dark stool
I feel like shit .. please help?

I've been feeling really nauseous for a week .. I feel like vomiting, but I try to keep down. My top and bottom of the stomach and esophagus has been burning a lot too .. acid has been up and down constantly, I can not sleep. Headaches. Sometimes I have very sharp pains in my ribs. I have been diagnosed with GERD before, but after Prilosec .. that seemed to calm down, but after a month after that when I stopped the burning and nausea returned, and was much worse. I have afraid to eat anything, and it only wants to come out. My stools have been very strange lately .. I have bad dark black stool .. really white light and stools so .. all soft. I had diarrhea that's just the water that really burns. For some time, I have been urinating very often (20 times or more a day). Could come for urgent care if I can .. but I can get some recommendations? Any recipe that can be taken to alleviate this pain now? Thanks!

Ginger tea will calm the intestines, a cup or two, ginger root is only 2bucks in the store. Only peel and cut into pieces cool.Sip boil water stops. But in reality we have to go too the doctor, the symptoms you describe are not good, even life threatening to go to the doc soon as possible.

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