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You Are Not Alone

Each year 13 million people go to the doctor for chronic back pain.

8 Out of 10 Americans Suffer

8 in 10 Americans suffer chronically from back pain, sciatica, stiffness, headaches, and other painful ailments.

Chiropractors & Surgeons

Most people go to chiropractors and alternative medicine healers until they finally "give in to the pain" and go to an orthopedic surgeon.

Painful Diagnosis

And then, "the final blow". Your MRI comes back with the "painful diagnosis". Your doctor tells you that this will be a long-term, or possibly a lifelong situation.

Drugs & Surgery

Those doctors prescribe drugs, followed by physical therapy, finally recommending surgery & most everyone picks this path.

Scary & Helpless

It's scary and you feel helpless because the pain "intensifies" every day, gets worse & more debilitating.. you do less and less of your daily activities. The pain is always stopping you.

Don’t wait any longer to live free of back pain.

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Chapter Overviews

A Brief Overview of the Chapters in “The 60 Minute Solution”


Chapter I:

1986 - My First Patient

Chapter II:

The World’s Largest Medicine Cabinet

Chapter III:

Unlock The Pain - The Key Is O2 - Oxygen

Chapter IV:

The Beginning Of The End... Of Pain

Chapter V:

Your "60 Minute Solution" - It Really IS Simple

Chapter VI:

Change The Messages - Change The Pictures

Chapter VII:

The Game - Your Road To Victory

Inspiring Testimonials

Melanie L.

“For the first time in years, I was able to sit in my office all day and get up and.. Nothing, no pain. I forgot my back was even bothering me.”

Joseph M.

“After months of on and off pain I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs. I thought I'd never be able to work or even walk again comfortably.”

Adam L.

“After a 1 hour visit, I was able to get up comfortably and I felt the pain and tightness "leave". A few days later I was back to my old self, my younger self.”

Now you can get all the information Dr. Light shared with his patients on a one hour eAudio: “The 60 Minutes Solution”

Priced Right

My patients paid $300-$400 for a 45 minute consultation in my practices. I have now made this accessible to everyone for just $28.00.

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"The 60 Minute Solution"


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About the Author & Creator

Of This Revolutionary Program

Dr. David Light graduated from NYUCD and then went on for specialized training in the field of Orthopedics of the head and neck, whiplash and cervical trauma, also known as myofascial pain disorder. Dr. Light opened up his first Center in New York City and decided, after a of couple years, to study on alternative methods for treating chronic pain. He realized conventional drugs and surgery was not a long-term benefit but a cause for long-term side effects to the body.

Dr. Light traveled to many well known chronic pain healers and saw a "common denominator" to their various methods. After practicing and seeing such positive results, treating patients himself in his first 3 centers, he continued to open more practices and began hiring and training physicians all over New York in his method of eliminating chronic pain, with his nonsurgical simple therapy.

Having seen and treated top athletes and 1000's of patients for over 10 years, he just produced a 60 minute eAudio that teaches anyone and everyone of all ages, 20-65+ years old, his simple method, the same method that has been very successful in his centers.

If you have been suffering for months or for years, "The 60 minute Solution" is for you. When you listen to this audio which is less than one hour long, it'll be like you're in his office, learning step-by-step what has been giving patients in all of his centers a pain free life.

The next time instead of reaching for your medicine cabinet, listen to “The 60 Minute Solution”… you may never need another pill again.

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